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PRICING OF OUR SERVICES - Now that you've seen a little of what we can do, you can see how affordable it is to use us.

The advantages of using freelance artists are many.  The major benefit is that you only pay us when you need us!  You don't have to keep us on staff when there are no games needing design work.  Additionally, you aren't going to pay for sick leave, health insurance and the many other benefits required by law when you have full time employees.

Below is a table that shows our rates, but we can also work by the project (which helps with your budgeting), or on a monthly retainer.  Having us on retainer works well as we can also design your marketing materials, website, or perform any other creative services you need.

Hourly rate :

$55 per hour

Daily :

$350 per day (min of 8 hours)

Weekly :

$1500 (based on a 5 day week)

Project :

Determined up front by a defined set of goals and timetable.

One themed glass design (top or bottom) with reelstrip symbols to match. Includes up to 3 concept ideas.
You own the final artwork.
ONLY $1500

I think that you will find these rates very reasonable for the quality.  We require 50% up front for new clients with the remaining 50% paid upon completion of the project. We will deliver all files electronically via email or ftp upload. 

If needed, we can also arrange for printing via our trusted vendors, layout reelstrips and create pay table glass. is a Division of See what else our company can provide

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